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Bribery A Must or Face Damnation – East Africa Bribery Index 2014

IMG_9713 IMG_9717[CAPTION] Transparency International РKenya CEO Samuel Mbithi Kimeu releasing grim finding of how corrupt East Africans have become.

Kenya police ate most of the national bribe (43%)

Burundian enjoy being bribed most (19%)

Judiciary and Tax and Lands department demand the highest single figure bribe

Over 90 per cent East Africans failed to report bribery for fear of retribution.

Full electronic report follows …


Uganda police most corrupt East Africans – TI

Followed by Tanzania, Burundi, and Kenya

Live updates

Sniper’s View of Nairobi Skyline by Night


Koinange Street towards University Way. The giant billboards are an eye sore.


Koinange Street towards Inter-Continental and The Cathedral (Cardinal Otunga) with the blue snakelight upon the roof.


Uhuru Park below and Upper Hill yonder.


Barclays Plaza (foreground), Grand Regency (right), Serena Hotel over there.


I&M Building (dark left), ugly skyscrapers billboards.


City Market glowing under the floor of Florida 1000 (Mad House).


Ugly KICC casting chameleon hue over surrounding building depending on what is advertising on the mega-circular screens.


-Pictures Argwings Odera