I find this very curious about the Nairobi Westgate Mall killings.


My name is Omar Abdi. I think Kenyans deserve to know the truth about what happened.  I joined KDF in 2006 and has been posted to various missions and at the same time I was an Islamic fighter.  I have also been paid to train Islamic fighters 2006 when we fought the Ethiopians for the Islamic courts union. We were paid directly a man called gabre halake, he is from Eritrea. At that time we were told the money was from Eritrea government. We were at a place called beledweyne and we could meet a man called indho ade for more money and guns. These we used to fight at Jilib. We sacrificed a lot but at that point, we lost contact with gabre halake and indho ade. Only sharif sheikh Ahmed could meet us at that time. We lost many fighters. Some of us foreign fighters left. I came…

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