Nairobi Mall Killings: The Final Full Package


[Caption] Nairobians patiently wait to donate blood for victims of a Nairobi mall attack.

I share with you the full expose surrounding the security failures and official spin that dogged the doomed Westgate Mall and its shoppers to the hands of armed attackers. The horrific events that followed was bound to leave many disturbing questions,especially before the children who were neither spared the rage, the madness, the murderous nature of adults disagreeing on quite simple matters like setting aside violence as an end solution to their differing political opinions.

For indeed the antagonism between Kenya and Somalia is neither recent, nor any other thing religious, but political. Both neighbours have taken their violent squabble deep into each others’ territory boiling over into Westgate. The attack on the Mall and statements coming from both fighters was continuation of their age-old reign of terror. Despite finding no one else to shoot or rescue, the political wings of both antagonists enjoyed extending the terror into endless days, in effect holding the public and global audience hostage.

Journalists are endowed a special place in society; the Fourth Estate. With it we do what the government can do and more. Waiting for the release of findings from the government political inquiry, for me, was not tenable and was a continuation of the terror attack on the public, with politicians wielding carrot and stick over this hallowed Estate practitioners.

Without necessarily waiting for the outcome of all the looming political inquiries, I strove to inquire and find answers to the matters that were concerning you during the ghost “hostages” standoff. I stand to be corrected, the package kicks of with Westgate Mall Siege: Destiny with Failure, it then continues numerically (Part2,3,4,5,6) to FINAL. I hope after reading, adding to what you may know, you will be informed further.

Thank you.


Argwings Odera



About Argwings

Freelance Investigative Journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

One response to “Nairobi Mall Killings: The Final Full Package”

  1. Aziz Mwondha says :

    Your blogs are probably the only informative and well analysed information source from Kenya by far.
    Thanks and keep the faith.

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