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Sniper’s View of Nairobi Skyline by Night


Koinange Street towards University Way. The giant billboards are an eye sore.


Koinange Street towards Inter-Continental and The Cathedral (Cardinal Otunga) with the blue snakelight upon the roof.


Uhuru Park below and Upper Hill yonder.


Barclays Plaza (foreground), Grand Regency (right), Serena Hotel over there.


I&M Building (dark left), ugly skyscrapers billboards.


City Market glowing under the floor of Florida 1000 (Mad House).


Ugly KICC casting chameleon hue over surrounding building depending on what is advertising on the mega-circular screens.


-Pictures Argwings Odera

Do You Want To Be a Journalist?


[CAPTION] 2014 has seen a sharp rise in the number of protests by journalists against impunity, rivaling the number of protests from the anti-war lobby. - Picture courtesy CPJ 2014 Report

Argwings Odera

Yaay! Seventy journalists (70 media practitioners) killed in 2014, this report from the Committee to Protect Journalists caught me in my waking hours this morning leading to a rude awakening.

On average two journalists are murdered every week with Africa and the Middle East being the worst and most despicable serial-killer regions. The CPJ report notes that Africa (the Motherland) has steadily lost its pedestal from the least murderous nation of journalists, and the trend of job-related killings in Africa, especially East Africa, is disgusting, shocking, unacceptable.

Follow the link below for the full CPJ report and judge for yourself.

God Bless Journalists!



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